*ChELsEa* (sassysissy87) wrote in pdc_dancers,

Donnell is hott. I saw him on tv today. It totally made my day. :) x 27
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yes, we know chels. you tell us everyday. or me anyways.
we know that you think you're his wife and that his eyes are seductive.

we need not know anything else. thanx.
hahahaha <333
lol i know i tell you everything. he's mr lover. hahahaha.

yumm-ay! lol i love youuu
haha my friend loves him too. what was he on!?
yes, i know we all love donnell don't we?
he was just on channel 7 news. nothing too special.
what show was he on?
he was just on the news. that is all.
oh donnell. <3
do tell where you saw him.
lol oh donnell. <3333
i saw him on tv, rochelle. it was amazing. hahahaha duh!
what for?